Strategies to Improve Care Transition HCAHPS Scores

Presented by Nancy Allen

You Will Learn How To:

  • Discuss HCAHPS Questions in the Care Transitions Measure composite
  • Evaluate actions for improving Care Transitions

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Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores Through Inpatient Rounding

Presented by Pat Schou

You Will Learn How To:

  • Understand the practice of patient rounding and its impact on satisfaction scores
  • Identify the different types of patient rounding programs - what works
  • Learn key steps in follow up to issues identified during rounding
  • Be able to implement/update a patient rounding program into your work culture
  • Evaluate the impact of a rounding program

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How to Inspire Caregiver Heroes with Brian Lee of Custom Learning Systems

As we transition into post pandemic phases how is your hospital going to re-ignite with the community, with patients and very importantly… your staff?

Brian Lee has that all figured out for us – and is willing to share a portion of what he has planned to help hospitals Inspire each of your own Caregiver Heroes.

It is a very rare moment to hear the inspiring and informative words and wisdom of Brian Lee without travelling to a conference or meeting. Please join us as we present one of the most important webinars of 2020 – with our friend, Brian Lee.


Connecting Rural Healthcare with Savings Through USAC

Proper Connections specializes in connecting rural healthcare providers with the massive amount of savings they deserve – and helping providers realize just how much they can gain in grants from these programs.


FREE Marketing Resources for your Hospital Webinar

In our February 2020 webinar, Julie Russell and Emily Ferrell launch theArtDept.Online, a new interactive platform that provides you with free access to and use of hospital marketing campaigns. Many hospitals don’t have marketing departments or budgets for agency quality materials that can be customized. TheArtDept.Online changes that by providing free marketing and communications materials for rural and critical access hospitals.

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