What does "Chronic Care Management" really mean?

Learn more with Angie Charlet, Director of Quality, Education and Compliance with ICAHN. In this webinar, you'll learn what steps are needed to create a successful program and how to get started.


Survey Solutions for Hospital Board of Directors Webinar: 4/25/2019

How important is good governance? In this webinar, Lance Keilers MBA, former Critical Access Hospital CEO and President of Connected Healthcare Solutions, discusses how Board of Director surveys can strengthen relationships between board members, executives and other key stakeholders.


Patient Satisfaction Survey Real-Time Data Webinar: 3/28/2019

Can your hospital benefit from digital surveys? In this webinar, Jake Hanson and Craig Stewart show you how to get real-time data and feedback from your Patient Satisfaction surveys and how to interpret today's scores to make tomorrow's better.


Swing Beds Webinar: 1/24/2019

How can you improve your hospital’s swing bed experience? In this webinar, Swing Bed expert Kerry Dunning takes a deep dive into the world of swing beds, including how they differ from HCAHPS, understanding the required discharge codes and identifying methods of improving patient perceptions on the swing bed experience, plus a whole lot more.