FREE Marketing Resources for your Hospital Webinar

In our February 2020 webinar, Julie Russell and Emily Ferrell launch theArtDept.Online, a new interactive platform that provides you with free access to and use of hospital marketing campaigns. Many hospitals don’t have marketing departments or budgets for agency quality materials that can be customized. TheArtDept.Online changes that by providing free marketing and communications materials for rural and critical access hospitals.


Patient Engagement

Engaging patients and getting them to complete HCAHPS surveys is important for critical access and rural hospitals. In this webinar, Angie Charlet, Director of Quality, Education and Compliance at the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN), and Jake Hanson, Marketing and Development Director for Survey Solutions, discuss strategies to increase response rates, marketing ideas to improve engagement and the value of transparency in the public eye.


Future of Rural Health

The future of rural healthcare is a hot topic right now, with so many clinics closing and many more at risk. Patricia Schou, Executive Director at the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN), takes a look at the trends in the industry and provides her unique perspective as someone with more than 35 years of experience in clinical and rural hospital administration.


What does "Chronic Care Management" really mean?

Learn more with Angie Charlet, Director of Quality, Education and Compliance with ICAHN. In this webinar, you'll learn what steps are needed to create a successful program and how to get started.


Survey Solutions for Hospital Board of Directors Webinar: 4/25/2019

How important is good governance? In this webinar, Lance Keilers MBA, former Critical Access Hospital CEO and President of Connected Healthcare Solutions, discusses how Board of Director surveys can strengthen relationships between board members, executives and other key stakeholders.

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