ED CAHPS Patient Experience Surveys

ED CAHPS Surveys

The emergency department of any hospital is vital to the community. Therefore, having as much data as possible is needed to ensure your hospital's emergency department is operating at its peak potential. Survey Solutions by ICAHN offers multiple ways to survey your patients.

Measure Patient Experience with ED CAHPS surveys

Our ED CAHPS Survey Options

ED CAHPS Patient Satisfaction SurveysFrom the traditional mailed patient satisfaction survey, to secured email and even on site with our ED CAHPS tablet patient satisfaction surveys. By providing patients with multiple survey options we are ensuring higher response rates which in turn lead to more data, giving your hospital the knowledge it needs to keep improving.

Viewing Your ED CAHPS Survey Results

Whether the patient chooses to use the tablet survey, receive an emailed survey or wait for a mailed survey, all of the data ends up in the same place. Our easy to use, interactive Survey Solutions dashboard. From the dashboard, you can quickly navigate your ED CAHPS survey data and compare it to national benchmarks, track response rates, view top performing domains and see alerts for unsatisfactory survey answers. Having this data in a concise, user friendly format allows your hospital to address issues or problems in a timely manner, helping to increase the quality of care you provide.

Interactive ED CAHPS Dashboard

Navigate survey data in real time

I want an ED CAHPS survey demoWhy Survey Solutions?

  • Quick Onboarding Process
  • HIPAA secured process from start to finish
  • Multiple survey formats. Mail, email, in room tablet
  • Digital surveys to increase response rates from hard to reach demographics
  • Fully automated data scrubbing – just upload your data and we do the rest
  • Interactive dashboard to track your data in real time
  • 24/7 Dashboard access
  • Track survey results down to individual surveys
  • Data detailed though percentage tables and graphs

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