In this era of healthcare reform where hospitals are being challenged to improve their standards of care, every board of directors must be prepared to deal with these challenges. And board surveys are an excellent way to gauge how effective boards are as well as where strengths lie and improvements need to be made.

Designed for Board members and Trustees, the survey is a trusted tool among leaders for achieving an in-depth understanding of key factors which align and enhance the performance of board members. The survey content is uniquely designed to gauge the strength and health of relationships among board members, executives and other key organizational stakeholders.

Our system utilizes custom dashboards that give you real-time results tracking and breakdowns by department and individual. It give you a simple and intuitive way to analyze employee satisfaction and track trends.

Our Internal Surveys are administered online through a secure link that allows for complete anonymity for each employee. They are fully automated and include easy information uploads, data scrubbing, automated emails, results scanning, and an interactive dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can quickly navigate your survey data and track response rates and receive alerts about unsatisfactory survey answers. Having this data in a concise, user-friendly format allows you to address issues or problems in a timely manner, helping to improve quality of care and employee satisfaction.

  • Quick onboarding process
  • Simply upload your weekly patient data – we take it from there
  • Interactive dashboard that allows you 24/7 access to your data
  • Track response rates and survey results down to individual surveys

Post-Acute Transitional Care Utilizing the Swing Bed Program

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the value of developing high-quality Post-Acute Transitional Care in Critical Access Hospitals
  • Begin to quantify the opportunity, understand the key steps to initiate, implement and track progress in developing high-quality Post-Acute Transitional Care
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