Swing Bed Patient Experience Surveys

Swing Bed Surveys

Swing Beds are becoming more and more commonplace in smaller hospitals, typically with less than 100 beds. These are beds that are used to provide either acute or skilled nursing facility (SNF) care. Because these beds are covered under CMS and need to meet certain Medicare requirements, gathering quality-of-care data is more important than ever.

Swing Bed patient satisfaction surveys are a must for all clinicians and group practices looking to provide the best possible quality of care. We have developed a very simple and easy way to send patient satisfaction surveys across multiple platforms designed to deliver higher response rates and give you the most up-to-date information possible.

Measure Patient Experience with Swing Bed surveys

Our Swing Bed Survey Options

Swing Bed Patient Satisfaction SurveysSurvey Solutions by ICAHN offers Swing Bed patient satisfaction surveys in mail, email, text and in-room tablet form. We also offer a mixed-mode of email (3) followed up with a mailed survey (if there is no response). Offering both types of surveys helps to boost response rates, giving your clinic or group practice more data. Our fully automated, easy-to-use system includes easy patient information uploads, data scrubbing, automated mailing and emails, results scanning, and an interactive dashboard.

Viewing Your Swing Bed Survey Results

From the dashboard, you can quickly navigate your survey data and compare it to national benchmarks, track response rates, view top performing domains and receive alerts about unsatisfactory survey answers. Having this data in a concise, user-friendly format allows you to address issues or problems in a timely manner, helping to increase the quality of care you provide.

Interactive Swing Bed Dashboard

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I want a Swing Bed survey demoWhy Survey Solutions?

  • Quick onboarding process
  • Simply upload your weekly patient data and we take it from there
  • HIPAA-secured surveys in multiple formats – mail, email and text
  • Interactive dashboard that allows you 24/7 access to your data
  • Track response rates and survey results down to individual surveys
  • Compare results with your peers

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