Stop Overpaying for Your Surveys Box

Analyze your data in real time with 24/7 access to the Survey Solutions dashboard

Stop Overpaying for Your Surveys Box

The Survey Solutions by ICAHN dashboard is the engine that drives our program. Getting your surveys to patients in a timely manner is only half of the process. Once those surveys come back it is imperative that your data is sorted and reviewed. We make that process very simple with our custom dashboard. As each completed survey is scanned or submitted its results are uploaded to our secure, interactive dashboard. From your customized dashboard, you can track and analyze every aspect of your patient data, even drilling down to singular surveys and their results.

Dashboard data includes

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  • Track response rates
  • Flagged surveys
  • Breakdowns of each domain and question
  • Results in multiple formats including percentage tables and graphs
  • Compare your data to that of your peers
  • Track results from quarter to quarter
  • See where your surveys compare with national benchmarks
  • View comments from patients written on your surveys
  • Track quarterly trends in your survey domains

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