Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Change doesn't always come easily

However, an open mind, coupled with a clear understanding of the direction your healthcare organization is taking is critical to making successful change.

So how do we get there?

Giving your employees a voice is a crucial step. Honest and open feedback from staff offers leadership a feel for the organization from the employee perspective and allows the organization as a whole to improve and succeed. When your entire team aligns around the hospital’s mission and goals, productivity, quality, and patient experience will benefit.

When you become an Survey Solutions by ICAHN client, your hospital will benefit from a hands-on, consultative approach to capturing employee feedback, using that actionable data to identify problems and seek to resolve them before they adversely affect patient care and the integrity of the organization. ICAHN’s experienced consultant specializes in critical access hospital operations, hospital administration, physician practice management, and rural health clinics, and served as administrator of a critical access hospital for several years. His strong rural healthcare background will offer a unique and valuable perspective to your survey process and outcomes.

July 26
2:00 p.m.
Care Coordination To Improve Your HCAHPS Scores
Aug 23
2:00 p.m.
Patient Engagement In Completing HCAHPS Surveys

In the survey, we’ll help you identify how your employees view leadership and communication, the work environment, and their overall job satisfaction within your hospital, and seek their input on what the hospital can do to increase their level of satisfaction. Employees will rest assured that their feedback is not traceable, as all responses in the electronic survey are administered by ICAHN and kept completely anonymous.

Let us help you get started on a path to positive change for your organization.

  • Custom Employee Survey dashboard
  • Track your results in real time
  • Results breakdown by department and individual surveys
  • Analyze trends in employee satisfaction over time

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